In the Mountains


  • June 7, 2016

Urd (ERD) is a mountain in The Trifold Peaks, located in the Great Northern Forest.Said to be remnants of a more volcanic time, it is the most beautiful and gentlest of the peaks known collectively as the Norna, The Three Sisters, or The Trifold Peaks.

Identifying Features:

Urd is farthest to the east and north of the continent, and its slopes butt up against the Northern Shores to form rocky beaches with black stone teeth.

It is the farthest away from the current volcanic hot spots, but was once a massive shield volcano, rising above the lands. Though the years have weathered her edges, Urd is still impressively large, with massive crevasses and glacial flows.

Symbolic Associations:

Urd, like her namesake, is considered a guardian of the past, which lies buried under her massive, extinct flows.

When shown, Urd is to the left in images.

Urd falls under the domain, or “generosity” of Corvus.

Ranger Associations:

Urd dominates the bottom east corner of diagonal territory that forms the islands, forests, and rocky seas of The Northwest Wilderness; The Slopes of Urd form the last major outpost of civilization before the uncharted North. Norna Station is located here.

The Ranger Badge for The Northwest Wilderness is “Shelter,” depicting a tent, which stands for the difficulty of existing in the largely unpopulated region. The color association is purple, a fabricated color rarely appearing naturally in that area, and like much of the necessities to survive, is brought in.


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