• July 25, 2016

The Inbound Lands is underwritten with a vast and complex visual language that guides, reveals, and educates the traveler through the use of multifaceted symbolism.

The rich library of visual symbols reveal not only specific semantic language, but their combinations and specific usages also reveal social intentions, cultural associations (such as within Flock Motif), historical content, and other wayfinding clues that inform the viewer in a variety of means and applications.

It is believed that visual symbolism became vital during and after the effects recounted within the tale of The Speaking Sickness (also known as the legend of The Dawn Caravel among Walking Folk), wherein the base languages of the BirdFolk became fractured and the need for a commonly understood, unified visual vernacular arose.

Several of the most common Symbolism variants and their meanings are linked below.


  • Locational / Directional Symbols
    • Compass Directions
      • Cardinal and Primary InterCardinal Directions
    • Directional Symbolism in Portraiture Posing – updated content
  • Object Symbols
    • Major Symbols of Mythology
    • General Symbols within Birdfolk Referent
  • Conceptual Symbols
    • Number Symbolism
    • Thematic Concepts
  • Color Symbolism
  • Birdfolk Flock Motifs

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