Game Chapters


  • June 7, 2016

The Inbound Lands exists within several regions.


Inbound (In game) Regions:

The Inbound Lands is divided into several regions based on geographical, industrial, economic and cultural factors.

  • The North Reach
  • The Slopes of Urd
  • The Canyon
  • The Desert
  • The Caravans
  • The Nest Citadel
  • The Caravels
  • The Sea of Crows
  • Verthandi Outpost
  • The Crags of Skuld
Outbound (Real World) Locations:


Gameplay divisions:
  • Chapter 1: In the Desert
  • Chapter 2: In the Mountains
    • Minigame: Messner Point
  • Chapter 3: In the Canyon
    • Minigame: The Sentinels

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