Fauna Birds

  • April 30, 2017

Fauna Birds are animals within The Inbound Lands. Fauna birds are not to be confused with the Birdfolk, a wholy sentient race. They may be referred to as Fauna Birds (to distinguish their animal nature and avoid confusion), or simply as Birds.


Fauna Birds appear identical to those found on most continents and Outbound environments. There are many subfauna species.

Classification as animals

Like most animals, Fauna Birds fulfill many of the requirements for Wholeness – the Birdfolk concept of sentience – but lack key components required for true Wholeness: there is no proven studies that show fauna birds navigate self emotional awareness on complex levels; they lack the ability to replicate cross-species language, even to Birdfolk (where many of the consonant sounds are similar); they lack complex judgment skills.

Cultural notes

As they are considered animals, it is not considered improper to buy, sell, or foster fauna birds, which may be viewed as pets. Birdfolk do not consider themselves to “own” fauna birds, merely to foster them in their homes.

Though they are not regularly part of Birdfolk diet, Birdfolken have been known to eat fauna birds, and it is not considered improper or in bad taste to eat or serve fauna birds. Birdfolk may choose to ritually apologize to or thank the meal itself; however, they do not take the act of eating fauna birds as offense, and may be confused if presented with the idea.

Birdfolk do not generally kill fauna birds, due to their customary status as “cousins” (see below). In times of great hunger, however, they will do so, typically offering an apology for the act.

Customs relating to Fauna Birds

  • To call a Birdfolken a “bird” is considered an insult, as it implies the folken is, at best, an animal, and is not Whole.
  • Though they are not considered true relatives of Birdfolk, Fauna Birds are referred to with fondness by the Birdfolk as “cousins.”
  • When a Birdfolk nest is with egg, it is customary to purchase a fauna bird and foster it within the home while the egg takes form. After the egg is laid, before the egg is given to the Communal Hatchery, it is custom to release the fauna bird ceremoniously. If the fauna bird returns to the home, it is considered good fortune for the household, and to speak well of the inhabitants who fostered it.

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