• June 7, 2016

Corvus (CORE-vus) is one of the Long Face Folk, and appears in several of the Bird Folk Legends. She is a Formwalker who moves between the forms of Crow and of Walking Folk. She is one half of the Dual Faces responsible for the sense of balance in the Inbound Lands.

As one of the Long Face Folk:

Corvus originally is said to have been the guardian at the Nest Citadel. She was relocated to the North after the events of Corvus Carves the River.

Corvus is the counterpart to Coyotl, though the exact nature of their relationship is unclear: Corvus and Coyotl may be lovers, partners, or perhaps even related in some way. They are cooperatively known as the Dual Faces.

Common associations:

In depictions, Corvus is understood to regard the viewer with curiosity, establishing judgment and clarity.

Images of Corvus (in her Skinwalker / Walking Folk form) are identified by these key features:

  • long silver – sometimes dark – hair
  • orange or gold eyes
  • female formed

Images of Corvus (in her Formwalker / Crow Walker form) are identified by these key features:

  • black feathers
  • In specific tales before the events of Corvus Carves the River, she is shown with silver feathers. However, her standard depiction is in black.

In formal depictions, it’s only considered polite to include all faces of a Formwalker, though honestly there are a number of oft-used shorthand symbols most bird folk recognize as alluding to Corvus. The image of Corvus is associated with (and can be identified in shorthand by) the following symbolism:

  • The Lidded Crescent, or the symbol of the Moon
  • The direction North, and the concept of “Upriver”
    • The color Black
    • Darkness/Night
  • The Sky, and its associated shorthands
  • The Location, and the Creation Story, of the Caldera
    • Corvus is also associated with the Library at the Caldera
    • and with Central Island
  • The Eye of Corvus / All Seeing Eye
    • Watchfulness
    • Guardianship
  • Ferns (or more simply, the visual shorthand of Plants in general)
    • an idea taking root, unfurling, and dispersing
    • the Northern hemisphere’s verdant landscape
    • stationary, grounded, rooted, earthy, and internal
  • The Odd, or odd numbers
    • the concept of struggle
    • Odd numbers are seen as “located” above the World Line in Bird Folk mathematical notation
  • A sense of Order
    • the choosing of a winner
    • the awarding of justice
    • Corvus as arbitrator and as a final decider: Corvus has the authority to claim one side over the other as having more weight
  • Looking to the Left
  • Looking Down
  • The Ranger Responsibility/Role: Follower of Corvus, also known as “Keepers”
    • recordkeeping
    • orderkeeping
    • truthkeeping

There are several secondary associations that are commonly known to fall under the domain of Corvus:

  • Corvus is connected to the complicated notion of “East” as one half of the World Line, and thus with its related symbols
  • Corvus is often connected to the color Aqua, through her associations with the East
  • The general landscape of the Trifold Peaks, as they fall under the North and thus under Corvus’ domain. This also includes specific ranger regions:
    • the Verthandi Outposts, specifically the ranger station and post office at Messner Point
    • The Northwest Wilderness and the Slopes of Urd, and specifically the ranger station at Norna Station
    • The Great Northern Forest and the Crags of Skuld, and specifically the ranger station at Rhysling Point

Corvus can be found depicted in the following Outbound Artifacts:

  • The Duality Dollar (scrip)
  • The Department of Travel Landmark (located in Nashville, TN)
  • The Fingers (scrip and flag editions)
  • Follower of Corvus (fine art print)
  • Corvus Carves The River (fine art print)






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