Corvus Carves the River

  • December 17, 2017

This article includes both Inbound and Outbound information about this legend and image.

Corvus Carves The River (legend and print)

Inbound Artist: M’na Kkaxe, date unknown

Outbound Artist : M Kelley, 2015

Inbound Significance

Headed by twin crescent moons and the All Seeing Eye of the North, this image depicts narratives from the series of mythological legends telling the timeline of Corvus Tempers the Volcano.

Many years ago, the Birdfolk tell tale of a terrible volcanic upheaval that darkened the sky, and whose tremors split the Inbound Lands and sent fire pouring southwards into the Sea of Crows. Corvus, one half of the celestial duality and a Birdfolk Formwalker, flew to the source of the flame in an effort to save her people.

Her beak plugged the fire with a giant rock, and her claws tore the rock face of the Volcano and grounds, diverting (what would later be known as) First River into the empty belly of the volcano, sealing the plug and sending cooling water to chase the river of lava. The giant rock became Central Island – still smoking in the heart of the caldera’s pool – and the diverted river still pours cooling water down the canyon through the magnificent falls known as The Slip.

After burying the fire, Corvus’ feathers were singed black and useless. No longer able to fly South, Corvus instead keeps her claws in the Northern Mountains, beating her wings and slowly pulling the crust of the earth away from the volcanic hotspot. From this high vantage, Corvus can keep watch over her people.




Outbound Significance

10″ x 20″ Linotype print, 2015

This work was created for “Wish You Were Here: An Inbound Lands Welcome Center,” the Ranger Station installation at Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, TN, in which the gallery corridor was transformed into the educational wing of an Inbound Lands Ranger Station, and helped facilitate worldbuilding conversations with students to help flesh out and challenge Birdfolk creation myth and geographic formation. [ Jan 28-Feb 25th, 2015 ]

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