Virtual Tourism

Welcome to the Department of Travel’s Virtual Tourism Center!

Due to the perilous nature of our beautiful wilderness, travelers are advised to not enter our borders without the correct permits and guides. However, our Aniza Artisans have replicated several locations so that you can virtually experience our gorgeous lands.


Camp Santiago

Nestled against the Tognoni Range, Camp Santiago is a popular starting point for civilian travelers climbing Mount Verthandi. As the first of many base camps, it is best known for its verdant forests, atmospheric fog, and glittering night sky views.

Xowi’ Canyon

Emerging from the vast desert of The Empty Quarter, Xowi’ Canyon is a massive and ancient earthenworks. Believed to be created by early Birdfolk civilizations, Xowi’ Canyon is one of the earliest examples of both Birdfolk directional writing and of the lost empowerments art of placed sigil stones.