About the World

Though it’s unclear the exact moment when sand began to collect and gather,  The Inbound Lands expanded as a thought experiment and a mind-mapping exercise sometime in 2008. What served as a mishmash of daydreams, memory debris, and fancy gradually became a full landscape – populated with landmarks and legends, dangers and triumphs, and other personalities – somehow capable of maintaining itself.

In March of 2011, the first formalized record of The Inbound Lands (Abridged) joined the ranks of the Fiction Project by Art House Co-op, touring the United States before finding a home in the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.

However, this was soon discovered to be only one narrative within The Inbound Lands experience. Through a series of linotype printmaking, journal recordkeeping, and constant exploration beginning in 2009, the artist wanders through the world, navigating new material: scrip and currency, ritual and custom, and symbolism and secrets. Still, the desert continues to grow, revealing new areas and new artifacts beneath its shifting sands.

Finally, artifacts are not nearly enough to stand alone. The Inbound Lands (Unabridged) is an interactive fiction game, hoping to somewhat recreate the immersive experience.

As the desert grows, so does the same. Check back often, and tread safely.


About the Artist

M Kelley is a painter, designer, illustrator, dreamer, doer, maker, thinker, sender, giver, finder, builder, tinkerer, writer, drawer, laugher, happier living in Nashville and open to any conversation. Zhe works in oil paints, gouache, graphic novels, watercolors, the occasional acrylics, installation, inks, digital, performance, conceptual, found objects, altered documents, bags of hair, reclamation, paper, the psychology of spaces, and a constant push to challenge hir preconceptions and techniques.

You can learn more about M’s work at studiOmnivorous.com



Additional image credits are gratefully given: to Balvarius for the creative commons use for the Inbound Lands cover images; and to Aigle Dore for the creative commons use for the icon images.
A note of thanks: The Inbound Lands would not have been possible without the friendships of: Daniel Roberts, for first wandering with me; Kanna Coffee, for the ever-present pen; Jaime Raybin, for bubble team; and always, Stephen, for his constant companionship and sense of adventure.