Landmarks: The Process Way

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November 10th and 11th, 6 pm to 10 pm

Landmarks : The Process Way

from The Inbound Lands series

in collaboration with the Queen Avenue Collective as part of Modular Art Pods, Nashville, TN

interactive installation, as part of an artist-created maze, 4′ x 4′ x 6′

“Outbound” Landmark depicting themes and in-game clues for The Inbound Lands Forest region.

As one of 24 artists chosen from Tennessee to be included in the Queen Avenue Modular Art Pods, the work within Landmark: The Process Way introduces visitors to the mythology behind a major route within the Forest Region, and allows them to participate in the rituals behind the path. Housed within a 4′ x 4′ by 6′ tall “pod” structure, contained within a maze of other artist-designed pods, The Process Way provides in-game clues and gameplay experiences to travelers from The Outbound World.

The Process Way

Countdown to Outbound

The Process Way: a Path

The Purpose of The Process Way

The Process Way is a ritualized path that winds from Urd to Skald, focused around the concept of stories, of memory, and of endings both large and small.

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A Blaze along The Process Way

A Blaze is a pilgrim on The Process Way, who undertakes the path of creating a story. 

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Pilgrims on The Process Way
The Key

Discovering The Key

Known also as The First Figure, The Journey, The Youth, or The Man, the Long Face Folk referred to simply as “The Key” is one third of the legendary figures that are the spine of the mythos around The Process Way.

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In the footsteps of The Norn

Far before the Birdfolk civilization dominated the southern coast of the continent, The Inbound Lands were occupied by an ancient culture known today as the Norn. 

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The Norn

Encountering The Gate

Known also as The Second Figure, The Threshold, The Matron, or The Woman, the Long Face Folk figure known simply as “The Gate” is one third of the legendary figures that weave the narrative behind The Process Way.

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Rests along The Process Way

Though much of The Process Way is a solitary wilderness journey, with pilgrims resigned to camping or bartering with the local residents for their shelter, The Way is marked with several narrative (and practical) waystations, known among Blazes as “Rests.”

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The Gate

Finding The Keep

Known as The Third Figure, The Change, The Elder, or The Other, the Long Face Folk referred to simply as “The Keep” is one third of the legendary figures that drive the narrative behind The Process Way. 

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Guardians along The Process Way

The enormous span of The Process Way is tended, maintained, and overseered by a loose cadre of coordinators known as Guardians. Their numbers draw from those who have completed the path, and their main intent is to uphold the path as a viable experience, sustainable economy, and ritual.

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