Inventory: Feelies & Free Things

In the spirit of IF, this game comes with several starter “feelies,” or happy extras, that might benefit your game play. Though we’re excited to offer more artifacts, wiki entries, and Outbound Mini-Games as the world grows, to start out, we encourage you to:

Read, Download, and Print our Inbound Lands brochures:

Download a .pdf of The Process Way 


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If you use Flipboard, you can subscribe to In The Desert, chock full of art and articles that continue to inspire IBL. It updates frequently with a wide variety of Inbound Fuel.

Read the Abridged Version

In March of 2011, the first formalized “Abridged Version” of the Inbound Lands was drafted as part of Arthouse Co-op’s Fiction Project, touring the United States before finding a home in the Brooklyn Art Library in New York. This draft built off of original writings from 2008, guiding the reader through a series of encounters and adventures within the landscape.

Listen while Exploring

If you have Spotify, by scrolling to the page footer, you can listen to the playlist that inspired, fed, and drove many late nights coding this project. By using this widget, you can listen while browsing our site and playing the game in-browser.

Enjoy the Unofficial Soundtrack

Additionally, if you’re looking for a single sound and were wondering what to listen to during gameplay that fits the Inbound spirit, I strongly recommend just about anything by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. They’re spot on: a sense of curiosity, musical adventure, and plain good fun.