A Few Things to Know…

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This game uses a series of basic commands, with super basic grammar, for exploration. When typing, be sure to be specific: if the description lists a stone, you won’t get very far by trying to pick up a rock. But you will need several items to complete the first region; don’t be afraid to sneak around, snoop through trunks, or take items you think are necessary.

I encourage you to experiment to find the wide range of interactive commands, but here are some starter commands to get you going:

To go in a direction Up / Down /North / South / Northwest North or Go Up
To look at something or somewhere Look — Look Up or Look Circle or Look at Circle
To take an item with you Take — Take Yogurt
To see what you’re carrying Inventory Inventory
To enter or exit an item Enter — / Exit — Enter Biplane
To eat Eat — Eat Finch
To drink Drink — Drink Water
 To unlock or lock an item  Unlock — / Lock — Unlock side door with nyckel key


7/13/2013:  If you’re viewing on a phone, please know that I am currently working on responsive design issues that may make mobile viewing difficult. Hope to have these fixed soon, but until then, I recommend viewing and playing via desktop browser or tablet. In addition, browsing away from the page will lose your progress in the game.

7/16/2013: Interactive Fiction, or IF, is a form of literary gaming that began in 1975 through the earliest home computers. If you’re unfamiliar with the IF format: after the v0001 page loads, you’ll be prompted with a “>” symbol at the bottom of the text description of the Rail Station. This is your command prompt: each new command you type into this area will bring up new text and interactions. As v0001 has a basic format, simple commands are often the best.

12/15/2013: Currently, once you’ve recovered it, the Canteen cannot be refilled. Luckily, you don’t really get thirsty in this version. Good on you!

HINT: As so many folks have had trouble with the Rail Station, we’ll be correcting this in the next version. Until then: as you’re on a raised platform at The Rail Station, try going down. At The Tracks, to return to the platform, try going up.

HINT: Don’t forget to look at and try to move to all eight points of the compass! As not all regions have been built, you can’t always go in every direction, but it’s worth testing your boundaries. Making a map is helpful.

HINT: If your directional cues don’t work, remember that you’re in a world where you can go up and down and enter and exit things. These are crucial to some puzzles. Also, if you stumble onto someone’s personal space, it might be locked…but every locked door has a key if you look hard enough under, inside, and behind things. Where would you hide a key?

HINT: In some areas, a little bit of light is all you need. Remember: the Petrified Forest is a lot more enlightening than it looks from a distance!

HINT: This one IS a toughie. Maybe if you could use a landmark to give you direction…specifically, something to get you moving…and just this once, remember to think inside the box…!

Click Here to Play the Game