General Worldbuilding


  • August 27, 2013

On the surface, the desert is relatively quiet, but if you pay attention, there’s all sorts of life:

  • Beta testers have been exploring the world, reporting back from all corners of the initial tests. I’ve gotten some great responses so far from some very dedicated folks, and I’m immensely grateful, and looking forward to coding new areas.
  • I’ve spent the past few days revising the source code to streamline environmental “effects,” and I feel like the new King of Sand as a result! It’s such an under-the-radar change, but it should make many things run more smoothly and efficiently, as well as give an added level of command responsiveness…and some fun easter eggs for you comprehensive players.
  • Though I’ve had the world itself mapped out for some time, I’m having a really fun time learning about how the “real world” functions – plate tectonics, what causes composite versus shield volcanoes, and how erosion patterns affect different kinds of rocks – and how to implement this in gameplay. Too bad I wasn’t this excited in elementary science classes! I might have had a whole different kind of career.
  • Lizards continue to be immensely dissatisfied with you.

Thanks for tuning in, and if you haven’t already, sign up to play. I’d love to hear where you go.